The booming cosmetics industry

Skin Care

With people’s awareness about skin and skin related problems increasing day by day, the cosmetics industry has witnessed a huge rise and due to the sudden rise, new skincare products are being launched each and every day. And in this highly competitive environment, IT cosmetics have launched a new facial product “Bye Bye Foundation”which not only works as an excellent foundation covering the marks and blemishes of the skin but also gives an overall moisturization of the skin as well as provides protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun as the product contains SPF 50. On top of all these, just like the cherry on the cake, the cream claims to cause improvement in the skin if the user with each use, and the improvement as IT Cosmetics claim can also be viewed externally and with naked eye once the cream is rinsed off the screen.

What are the problems that Bye Bye Foundation actually fights?

The moisturizer based foundation cream not only acts as a pre make up base, but also fights the acne problem by reducing the amount of sebum secretion in the body, besides it also fights dark circles, blemishes, enlarged pores, redness of skin and most importantly wrinkles, which is one of the vital signs of skin ageing. The Best thing about the cream is that it gives the user strong sun protection, therefore, releasing the scare of ruining the make up in the hot season. The makers ensure that the product is suitable for all sorts of skin type.

The cream also has remarkable hydrating capacity and that has also been clinically tested. Bye Bye Foundation has also the unique quality to bring about a well balanced and smooth finish to the surface of the skin, therefore giving the skin a young glow even after the product is removed from the face.

Review of Bye Bye Foundation for the users

To find out the effectiveness of the product, IT cosmetics conducted a study on assessing the effectiveness of the product. 96% of the people using the product benefited from more smooth and soft skin. On the other hand 77% of the users noted that the pores of their skin was becoming less visible. Another 85% confirmed that their wrinkles have been reduced.

Besides these, other benefits of the cream was also recorded and they are listed as follows:

  • Instantly covers dark spots, blemishes and other skin anomalies.
  • The cream has a 24 hour “all-day” lasting effect.
  • Gives protection from sun damage.

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