The Best Type Of Meditation


An ancient tradition- meditation- has found its reach in every corner of the world in the modern times as well. A large number of people who belong to various cultures follow this practice with an aim to attain calmness and harmony in their life as well as interpersonal relationships.

The practice of meditation has been linked with various religions throughout the far reaching cultures in the world. However the best type of meditation for every person has to be sought by their personal experience and knowledge. Therefore, we tell you about 4 types of meditation here to enhance your knowledge on the topic.

  1. Concentration:

The technique of “concentration” is the most popular form of meditation when the focus of the practitioner lies entirely on one point. The thoughts are allowed to pass and the mind is brought to a single point focus. Although the aim of the practice is simple to know but it is very difficult to attain! Therefore, concentration has to be acquired with a lot of practice and trials. One has to start gradually with a 5 minute slot of meditation everyday increasing the time by a minute slowly. You can learn to focus on your breathing pattern before bringing all focus on a single point. Learn more about this meditation practice from the blog of Mind Valley Academy.

  1. Contemplation:

The ability to still your gaze for a long duration of period is known as contemplation. In this type of meditation practice we use all our senses to come at one point through our vision. We enhance the ability to see through the things through contemplation. Although this practice also appears similar to concentration only but the difference lies in the fact that the practitioner keeps eyes open in this practice. In concentration the focus has to be brought to a point of imagination. In contemplation meditation practice, you have to bring focus at a point which is right in front of your eyes.

  1. Chanting:

Chanting is a popular technique which has found its roots in Buddhist and Hindu traditions. This meditation practice includes repetitive sounds of mantras to filter the mind of other thoughts. The most popularly known word for chanting is “Om”. However there are other mantras too which are helpful in attaining the state of calmness and peace in mind. Some people do chanting meditation in very low tone of voice while others speak very loudly. Everything is acceptable in practicing this meditation as long as you are not disturbing others through loud chanting.

Among all the types of meditation, people find it easier to attain focus through chanting as it helps them to focus on the words they recite.

  1. Transcending:

One of the most loved types of meditation transcendental meditation has been studied and researched by various life gurus and scientists. It uses a series of mantras in a sequence to bring along harmony in the pattern of thoughts. These mantras are particular for each person and are imparted by their teacher or guide.

These types of meditations are discussed in detail in the videos imparted by Mind Valley Academy. You can have their easy access through their blogs. Just listen to these videos and you will be able to sway through the learning meditation practices.