How You Can Stay Beautiful and Young for A Long Time


It sinks your heart when you seriously think about getting old sometimes and how you would look with all those wrinkles and age spots on your face. The bigger problem is that some people get older before their age. Look at Tom Cruise who still looks much younger than most other co-stars of his age. So, what is it that needs to be done to remain beautiful and young for a long time? There is no holy water or magical fountain to help you with that. Just the general tips given below should help you accomplish this.

Eating the Right Foods the Right Way

The first thing that affects your looks is your diet. You will become what you eat. If you eat too much junk food you will get fat and coming back from there is quite a challenge. Eat too much sweet stuff and you are opening doors for acne and other skin problems. Oily stuff is another way to ruin the texture of your skin. Eat fresh food and include fruits and vegetables in your diet as much as you can. Eat everything you want but eat it with moderation. If you could be moderate with your eating habits, you will even live longer.

Makeup Etiquettes

Who would have thought they will be taught about etiquettes in makeup? The fact of the matter is that you need a lot of discipline even when you do makeup. First, you want to make sure to remove your makeup as quickly as possible after returning from the party. The more it stays on your face the more it keeps the pores blocked. Furthermore, don’t try every synthetic product in the market on your face. They might work well today but they will definitely destroy your skin in the long run.


The subheading does not say, “drink a lot of water”. There is a reason and it is that water is important for you to look beautiful not only as a drinkable item but as an application product too. The more you keep your skin moisturized the younger it will look. All the skin related problems start with either too much oil on the skin or too much dryness. Hydrate your skin by drinking lots of water as well as by applying water on your skin. You can do this by sprinkling mineral water on your skin regularly.

Stay Happy

No matter how expensive the treatments are that you are doing on your skin, you will still look older than your age when you are not happy. Stress is one of the causes of people’s hairs turning gray before time and the wrinkles on their faces. In fact, stress is known for increasing the chances of inflammation on your skin by many times. Depression is a completely different monster altogether. In a nutshell, the more thoughts you have on your mind the more signs there will be on your face and body.

Let Technology Do the Magic

If there is technology to help you stay young and beautiful, why not use it? There are many ways to look beautiful and remove the unsightly thingies from your skin. One of the most common methods being used these days is Botox. In this particular procedure the practitioners will inject a chemical in your skin on the spots that needs treatment. After the procedure is complete your skin looks tight and toned. The wrinkles are gone and you can see your younger looks on your face back again. The procedure has become so common that you will definitely have a clinic performing it nearby your house. Botox Treatment NYC is one of most reliable places for this treatment.

Do Makeup Properly

One way to look beautiful is by doing your makeup properly. Makeup is not a guaranteed method of looking beautiful. In fact, it can make you look just as ugly as it can make you look beautiful. This is why you have to find that perfect makeup combination that suits your face, complexion and personality. Make sure your makeup is all about highlighting and accentuating the best features of your face rather than hiding them. Why do you think the celebrities look so amazing on red carpet and camera but not in real life?

Exercise Regularly

Exercising is more important for your body than you might imagine. You may think that exercise is only about body fitness but you are wrong. Exercise has an overall effect on your body. When you exercise your blood pumps fast in your body and thus your organs are provided with ample blood. What is skin? If you did not know, skin is an organ and in fact the largest organ of your body. Furthermore, exercising keeps your stomach working properly and your metabolism in place. Read a bit about the effects of bad stomach on skin and you will know how exercise can make you look good.